Multimodal Transport

As optimization of transport services and costs is always primary aim,we have developed a Multimodal transport schemes for transportation.
Central Europe Southeast Europe Caspian region,
combining RIVER, ROAD and SEA (ferry) transport modes.
The advantages of combined transport in brief:
- Road transport before and after is limited as much as possible
- Financial optimization
- Environment and climate conservation

What we offer:
- Development of optimal transport scheme
- Large fleet of trucks are available for the road transportation
- three-deck barges with capacity of 250 cars available for river transportation (Danube -Port Ruse)
- Ruse Port area of 10,000 m2 together with full list of port handling services
- Ferries with large capacity available for transportation by sea
- Cargo monitoring at every transport stage
- Insurance and reinsurance of the cargo
- Coordination with authorities and preparation of documents
- Other services during transportation and storage